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The company Otrana-Agro was founded in 1994 in Minsk (Belarus). And for many years the main direction of our work is the wholesale trade of wide range of spare parts for agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, forage harvesters, ploughs, harrows, cultivators, pickups, mowers and etc.
Address: office 5, 95, Goretskogo Str. 220136 Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
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Among our clients there are not only collective farms, farmers, entrepreneurs but also Belarusian leading producers of agricultural machinery. Therefore we are known as the company that can ensure all our clients' needs.

The purpose of our company is to increase the quality of satisfied customers as well as introduce new ways of developing of our business. As a result we have started in-house production of spare parts to make their supply even more convenient for our clients.

Today Otrana-Agro successfully cooperate with different producers from China, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, India, Singapore and many countries of the European Union. And we are always open to make new worldwide contacts and create good relationships.

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